Gabriela is featured in Symphony Magazine's Winter 2017.

An excerpt section from Symphony Magazine's Winter 2017 Issue feature by Lucy Kaplan, 'We, The Artists.' 

"The musicians profiled here recognize themselves as members of local, national, and global communities—as artists, but also as people and as citizens. A sense of social commitment informs their artistry.


"These musicians are rede fining what is means to be an outstanding musical citizen: an excellent artist in one’s own right,committed to creating an engaged community of listeners and an art form that embraces social and cultural inclusion.


"Pianist Gabriela Martinez believes that “as artists, we have a responsibility to share music and an obligation to reach as many people as we can.” † This obligation is also an opportunity: “I love that music can live anywhere,” she says, “and that there is an immense amount of possibility and flexibility of places to perform.” ...Martinez practices community engagement by working with schoolchildren and leading masterclasses, activities which, in turn, enrich her own artistry: “’The act of verbalizing my understanding of a piece for different audiences (e.g., young children vs. avid concertgoers) allows me to think and to communicate about the piece on different levels. It allows me to understand a piece from an intellectual level in addition to a purely musical, instinctive level.” She also invites her audiences to become active participants in her concerts via technology: “Some successful experiences I’ve had,” Martinez explains, “have been voting for encores by text, live-tweeting questions or comments to the artists, live Facebook videos and Q&As, and creating hashtags to share thoughts about specific pieces or shows.”