Amplified Soul

November 11, 2016  |  Delos Records


Gabriela makes her debut solo recording for Delos, offering a wide-ranging program of classics by Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and Szymanowski. She also pays homage to acclaimed contemporary composers Mason Bates and Dan Visconti, whose title selection, Amplified Soul, was written for her and is heard here in its world premiere recording.

Every piece on this recording has a life of its own, a soul, and a personality.

To me, Beethoven’s music is life-changing and miraculous; through his music, I find hope and inspiration. In the Piano Sonata Op. 10 No. 3 — with its beauty, innocence, drama, and intensity — he explores every human emotion. This sonata is a very enigmatic piece that fills me with joy. Subtleties and complexities abound, yet it remains very elegant and concise.

The Rachmaninoff Moment Musicaux is a mournful, reflective work with a melody that resembles a decadent song. It is idyllic, passionate music that transports me to a beautiful place that feels like old-world glamour.

In White Lies for Lomax, Mason Bates dreams up a subtly bluesy homage to ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax, the man who explored (and recorded) “the soul of the land” in the American South.

I commissioned a solo work from Dan Visconti, a wonderful American composer. The result, Amplified Soul, reflects on the evolution of melody and the way resonance can “amplify” a musician’s soul.

Szymanowski’s Variations in B-Flat Minor Op. 3 is a set of romantic, brilliant, and colorful variations; it is remarkably inventive and expressive, exuding a sense of freshness.

Words are not my strength; I have always expressed myself best through music. Being an integral part of my life, music colors my every feeling, thought, and desire. Inspired by the then-upcoming birth of my daughter, I recorded these pieces because I love them and because I want to share the magic that they embody. They have all been part of the constant soundtrack of my life, and have indeed amplified my soul.